Top 10 Female Rock Climbers to Follow on Instagram

Rock climbing is a thrilling outdoor sport that requires strength, dexterity, and mental fortitude. Female rock climbers are taking the sport by storm, conquering challenging routes with grace and grit. To watch these inspiring women in action, check out the top 10 female rock climbers to follow on Instagram.

Want to see girl power in the vertical world? Look no further than the best female rock climbers dominating Instagram. With jaw-dropping sends, behind-the-scenes training, and stunning outdoor photography, these 10 ladies will motivate you to get out there. Whether you’re a new climber looking for an extra dose of inspiration or a seasoned vet, add these crushing climbers to your feed today.

The rock climbing community continues to diversify, with more women exploring and excelling in the sport every year. These 10 outstanding female climbers showcase power and passion on the rock daily. Through Instagram, fans can keep up with their projects, outdoor adventures, training regimens, and words of wisdom. If you’re looking for motivation from strong, driven women, these impressive climbers deliver it. Follow them now for an empowering dose of sending stoke.

1. Sasha DiGiulian

Sasha DiGiulian is considered one of the top female sport climbers in the world. Born in 1993, she began climbing at age 6 in her home state of Virginia. DiGiulian quickly took to the vertical world, ascending the ranks of competitive climbing. She made history in 2013 as the first American woman to climb a 5.14d grade route.

DiGiulian’s Instagram documents her global climbing exploits along with insights into training, nutrition, and mental preparation. As a Red Bull athlete, she often shares action shots of outdoor climbs in stunning locations like Spain, Morocco, and South Africa. Along with climbs, she posts about ongoing projects, partnerships, and her advocacy for public lands conservation.

2. Emily Harrington

Emily Harrington

A member of The North Face athlete team, Emily Harrington is famous for her skills in outdoor climbing and big wall free ascents. She was the first woman to free climb the Golden Gate route on Yosemite’s El Capitan in under 24 hours. Harrington has completed numerous 5.14 rated climbs and summited peaks including Everest and Cho Oyu in the Himalayas.

Harrington uses her Instagram to showcase both her climbing achievements and activism for diversity in the outdoors. She shares exciting videos and photos from climbs along with her training regimen. After recovering from a serious fall in Yosemite, Harrington has also used her platform to speak on mental health in extreme sports.

3. Brooke Raboutou

Brooke Raboutou, currently 21, has been a professional climber since childhood. With support from her accomplished climbing parents, she quickly rose up the competitive ranks. She is the only US athlete to compete in both sport climbing and bouldering at a World Cup level. In 2021, Raboutou placed 10th in sport climbing’s Olympic debut and won two gold medals at the Pan American Championships.

Raboutou’s Instagram documents the life of a top pro climber through energizing videos, training clips, and clips from the wall. She emphasizes not just climbing achievements but also shares her passion for the outdoors, conservation, and inspires young climbers. Sponsorships from major brands like The North Face, Prana, and Clif Bar appear as well.

4. Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson

Hailing from Colorado, Alex Johnson has excelled in outdoor bouldering for over two decades. She became the first female to climb the benchmark V13 boulder problem Golden Shadow. Johnson has completed multiple first female ascents of V12 and V13 problems across America.

On Instagram, Johnson provides an inside look at the world of elite outdoor bouldering. Grippy, overhanging rock landscapes in the Colorado Rockies and Utah’s red desert feature prominently. Johnson discusses her training, past climbs, and ongoing projects. Her love of dogs also shines through in many posts.

5. Margo Hayes

At just 19 years old, Margo Hayes made history as the first woman to climb a 5.15a grade route in 2017. She reached the benchmark by completing La Rambla in Siurana, Spain. Hayes began climbing at 8 years old and quickly progressed into a competitive sport climbing career. She is the only athlete to have won both the youth and adult divisions of USA Climbing’s Sport Climbing National Championships.

Based in Colorado, Hayes uses Instagram to document her training regime, outdoor climbs, and thoughts on improving at the sport. She emphasizes not just individual achievement but giving back to the climbing community. Her vocal advocacy for inclusion, mentorship, and environmental sustainability also comes through.

6. Kyra Condie

Kyra Condie is a prominent US sport climber who specializes in bouldering and lead climbing. The 29-year-old began climbing as a child in Minnesota and soon pursued the sport competitively. She has earned multiple World Cup and US National Championship podium finishes. In 2021, Condie qualified to represent Team USA at the olympic sport climbing debut.

Condie’s Instagram provides an inside look into the life of a pro climber. She highlights her training routines, climbing achievements, competitions, nutrition, and mental game. As an Under Armour sponsored athlete, Condie also promotes their clothing and gear. Off the wall, she shares her passion for the outdoors and desire to inspire young climbers.

7. Lynn Hill

Lynn Hill, now 58, is a pioneer of modern rock climbing known for her free ascent of the famously hard Nose route on Yosemite’s El Capitan. She was the first person to make this free climb, in 1993. This historic ascent, along with hundreds of first all-female ascents cement Hill’s legendary status. She is also the first woman inducted into the American Alpine Club Hall of Mountaineering Excellence.

While not as active on social media as younger climbers, Hill still shares meaningful posts on Instagram. She provides wisdom on climbing, fitness, and life lessons learned from decades as a groundbreaking climber. For those seeking inspiration from someone who paved the way for women in climbing, Hill delivers.

8. Janja Garnbret

23-year-old sport climbing phenom Janja Garnbret has dominated the recent World Cup circuit and made history with two gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics. The Slovenian climber excels in lead climbing, bouldering, and speed climbing formats. She has achieved an impressive 41 IFSC World Cup victories since 2016.

On Instagram, Garnbret gives followers a view into the training and competitions of a world champion climber. From climbing gyms in Slovenia to World Cup podiums, she documents the demanding preparation required. She shares the mental and physical obstacles along the way with honesty.

9. Sierra Blair-Coyle

Sierra Blair-Coyle is an accomplished American climber known for her strong bouldering and sport climbing skills. She has completed V12 boulder problems and 5.14c sport climbs. Blair-Coyle is also an advocate for body positivity and overcoming eating disorders.

On Instagram, she candidly shares the ups and downs of life as a pro climber. This includes training, nutrition, injuries, her college experience, and advocacy work. Blair-Coyle aims to spread positivity and self-love through climbing. She reminds followers that perfection isn’t required to take on the sport.

10. Beth Rodden

Beth Rodden, born in 1980, has left her mark on American rock climbing over the past two decades. She is known for free climbing the Nose route on Yosemite’s El Capitan and being the first woman to climb Meltdown (5.14c) at the Rumney climbing area. Rodden excels in free climbing big walls and sport routes alike.

Rodden’s Instagram provides an inside look at her adventures climbing, hiking, parenting, advocacy, and more. She shares words of wisdom on being present and living life boldy. Rodden also uses her platform to speak on conservation, inclusion, and gives back to the climbing community. Her perspective as both a legend and role model for women comes through.

Why Follow These Amazing Female Climbers

Why Follow These Amazing Female Climbers

Beyond outstanding climbing skills and achievements, these women showcase the sport’s incredible growth and diversity. They bring visibility to female participation in rock climbing from recreational enjoyment to elite competition. Each woman provides a unique lens into the climbing world beyond stereotypical male-centric portrayals.

These climbers use Instagram to spread passion for their sport, inspire other women, promote positivity, and make climbing more welcoming. They showcase how strength, courage, and persistence can lead to excellence on the rock. Whether you’re a climber yourself or simply appreciate their talents, following them delivers daily motivation.

As climbing increases in popularity, these athletes show girls and women there is a place for them to excel. They help make a traditionally male-dominated activity more inclusive. Above all, their use of Instagram provides an exciting inside look at the sport and its stunning settings. Let their adventurous spirits and determination lift you up and prompt you to reach new heights.


Who is the most famous female rock climber?

Determining the single “most famous” female climber is subjective, as different climbers have achieved prominence in various aspects of the sport. However, Lynn Hill holds a strong claim to the title, pioneering free climbing feats like the first rope-less ascent of El Capitan in 1993, forever changing the perception of what climbers could achieve.

Who is the best woman climber in 2023?

Determining the “best” climber is subjective, but in 2023, Janja Garnbret (Slovenia) and Ai Mori (Japan) jointly topped the IFSC Lead Climbing Ranking, while Natalia Grossman (USA) reigned supreme in Boulder.

Who is the best free climber female?

Determining the “best” free climber is subjective and depends on various criteria, but some standouts include Janja Garnbret, Sasha DiGiulian, and Margo Hayes, each excelling in different aspects.

Who is the Japanese female boulderer?

There are several prominent Japanese female boulderers, currently Miho Nonaka stands out with a 2020 Olympic silver medal and consistent top performances.

Who is the Japanese female Olympic climber?

There are two prominent Japanese female Olympic climbers:

  • Ai Mori: Won the 2023 Lead Climbing World Championships, securing her spot at the 2024 Paris Olympics.
  • Akiyo Noguchi: Won a bronze medal in the combined event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and is a renowned competition climber.

Both athletes are incredible talents, and who you consider the “better” climber depends on your criteria.


Rock climbing is an amazing sport. It builds strength and bravery. The top female rock climbers show that girls can climb too. They prove women are strong, talented climbers. These 10 female rock climbers have great skill. They climb very hard routes around the world. On Instagram, they share their climbing journeys.

They showcase beautiful places and big achievements. These women inspire girls to start climbing. They also share training tips and life lessons. Anyone who likes adventure must follow them. Watching them may make you want to climb as well. For motivating stories from impressive climbers, follow the top 10 on Instagram today.

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